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Looking for quality medieval armor or fantasy armor from a medieval armory, well this is the place. Fantasy Armor Armory can make you any fantasy armor or medieval armor, medieval accessory for any medieval fetish and enthusiasts dream.

If you need parts for your armor such as a medieval bracer, medieval casque, medieval cuirasse, medieval elbow cop, medieval gauntlet, medieval great helm, medieval greave, medieval haume, medieval leg pad, medieval pauldron or medieval shoulder pad for any size.

If you need any custom fit body armor such as a medieval breastplate, medieval brigandine, medieval coat of plates, medieval medieval half armor, medieval lamellar armor, medieval leather armor, medieval plate armor, medieval shield, or any custom made fantasy armor.

Looking to accessorize your costume we can supply you with a medieval pouch, medieval belt, medieval leather cape, medieval bondage harness or even do custom pewter accessories.

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John Daperis, Patrick Penning, Norman Campbell

The beginning of our Montreal fantasy armories.

Originally a solo company launched because of a dare in 1983, we quickly soared to be a leading contender amongst the best fantasy armories in Montreal, Quebec, due to original medieval fantasy designs with a combination of leather and stainless steel. What was the dare you asked?

“Well…first you should know that I (Patrick Penning) am a long time enthusiast of the role playing game Dungeons and Dragons. My character in this game, a dwarf cleric called Bewahren, wanted to build himself his own medieval armor. Of course anyone who knows this game knows that this takes years of devotion to the practice of armor making and a few slots in armor making techniques. To prove the dungeon master wrong (And being as stubborn as I possible can) I produced my first piece of fantasy armor before the next Friday game. Astonishing everyone around the gaming table when I pulled my first medieval bracer out of the bag, they encouraged me to show some local medieval stores in Montreal to purchase my work. And the rest is history.”
- Patrick Penning, President.

Today we (Armurerie Epoque Armory) are a Quebec based fantasy medieval company specializing in custom made fantasy armor and accessories. Taking pride in what we do and using the finest leathers and stainless steel, we create unique and durable armor for medieval re-enactment and live action role playing (L.A.R.P. or LARP) We can ship all over the U.S., Canada and Europe and most of our armors are S.C.A. ready. We can work from simple artwork and sketches or create our own designs to suit your needs. Our medieval armors are not historically accurate pieces, there are too many companies out there already doing it and let’s face it…why would you like something that has been done for the last thousand years?

We also do medieval costume and medieval accessory rentals such as banners and medieval furniture for a medieval wedding or special event. If we don’t have it we can make it. From armor to period costumes, from crowns to thrones we’ve built it all and have it all.

We hope that you like our products and become our next medieval adventurer and maybe even a lifetime follower.

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