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Fantasy Armor is pleased to welcome you to our shop. In this section you will find many pictures of our medieval armory. Please keep in mind that we are not just any medieval armor company, we also make medieval furniture and accessories for stores and the like. We basically have a tool for everything and every trade. We have leather working tools such as, knives, rotary tools with many dies, die stamps, a large “clicker” or hydraulic press and stamping machine, rivet and grommet machines and hole punches of almost any size.

For the metal work, the list is extensive. We will start with the anvil and hammers galore, different pliers and cutters, bench grinders, buffing wheels and hand held sanders both pneumatic and electric, electric and pneumatic cutting shears and nibblers for most metal thicknesses, different tube and shaper sizes for hammering forms. We have the woodworking tools such as the table saw and drill press, the surface and thickness planers, different size miter saws and all the hand held tools imaginable. Take the tour and see what we have and the evolution of our place of business.

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